• John Frost (1890-1937)
    “California Landscape”
    Oil on Canvas
    24″ x 28″
  • S.C. Yuan (1911-1974)
    “Boats Of Monterey”
    Oil on Board
    12″ x 16″
  • home-slide-gunner
    Gunnar Widforss (1879-1934)
    “Carmel Dunes”
    Gouache on Paper
    11 1/2″ x 17″
  • Raymond Dabb Yelland (1848-1900)
    “Columbia River From Hood River Bluffs”
    Oil on Canvas
    18″ x 30″
    C. 1880
  • home-slide-selden
    Selden Gile (1877-1947)
    “Danville Hotel, 1930”
    15” x 18″
  • Edgar Alwin Payne (1883-1947)
    “Canyon de Chelly (Junction Rock)”
    Oil on Canvas 20” x 23″
  • Carl Oscar Borg (1879-1947)
    “Wading Through The Waters”
    Oil on Canvas 16” x 20″
  • George Demont Otis (1879-1962)
    “Path Through The Eucalyptus Grove”
    Oil on Canvas 22” x 27″

Del Monte Fine Art is one of California’s premier galleries specializing in California Impressionism and American Paintings, with a focus on paintings done by the Early California Plein Air Artists (1880-1940)

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MATT SMITH (b. 1960)

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JESSE POWELL (b. 1977)

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